'Wanted dead or alive' fliers posted in bid to catch thief

A San Diego resident recently brought a touch of the Old West to the search for a suspect who stole items from his shed and recreational vehicle, authorities said.

The resident created “wanted dead or alive” posters with an image of the suspect — and posted them around town in a bid to help local authorities make an arrest, San Diego’s FOX 5 reported.

The posters offered a reward for capture of the suspect, who allegedly swiped $2,700 worth of items last Friday, the station reported.

“They have our name and phone # on them," San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore’s office tweeted, referring to the posters. But authorities discouraged any vigilantism.

"He is in fact wanted," the tweet said about the suspect, "but alive, please.”

Authorities eventually arrested and charged a man named Jose Martinez — but it wasn’t because of the posters, the station reported.

Martinez was charged with theft and burglary, and remained behind bars pending further legal action.


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