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Adorable pygmy hedgehogs snuggle up inside a muffin tin as they nap with their brothers and sisters

They aren’t animals usually associated with cuddling.

But these six African pygmy hedgehogs certainly look cozy as they snuggle inside a muffin pan.

As it turns out, the tray usually used to make a delicious sweet treat is the perfect size for a bed for the spiky critters.

The hedgehogs fit perfectly inside the holes in a muffin tray, where they can use the compartments for a nap

One hedgehog decides it’s time to wake up from his slumber and heads out to explore the world around him

That includes sniffing around his brothers and sisters who are still curled up sleeping in the tray

The movement proves too much for some who retreat even further inside and show more of their spikes and they keep napping

In this sweet video, the siblings are snuggled up in a compartment each, snoozing away.

One of them wakes up and heads over to explore his surroundings. 

He sniffs his brothers and sisters and tries to make sense of the world around him through the power of smell.

They might not be ready to wake up though, as many of them fold themselves deeper and reveal more spikes when their brother comes sniffing.  

The adorable critters made plenty of people decide pygmy hedgehogs were the perfect pet for them

The idea of waking up to explore is too much for this little hedgehog, who would rather stay curled up and asleep

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Fabulous Mr Pug and has been viewed an amazing 730,000 times.

User SW Sweetie wrote: ‘That one hedgehog is trying to wake the other ones up. But they keep saying, “Five more minutes.”‘

Rune Shelton wrote: ‘I’ll take a dozen, thank you.’ 

According to pets4home, the African pygmy hedgehog is a cross between the four toed hedgehog and the Algerian hedgehog, and is the most popular species of domesticated hedgehog in the world.

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