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Blair says Brexit can be stopped – Politics live

7.52am EST07:52

Only a third of voters think autumn statement measures will help economy, poll suggests

6.53am EST06:53

Osborne makes £320,000 from speeches in America, Commons register shows

Updated at 7.54am EST

6.49am EST06:49

Tony Blair says Brexit can be stopped

6.14am EST06:14

5.46am EST05:46

McDonnell says Labour committed to keeping the triple lock for pensioners

5.05am EST05:05

Philip Hammond's morning interviews – Summary

4.46am EST04:46

4.03am EST04:03

Hammond defends OBR, saying government would be wrong to ignore its forecasts

Updated at 5.08am EST

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Philip Hammond's Today interview

3.10am EST03:10

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