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Can YOU tell who they are? The ugly, hilarious and utterly unrecognisable wax statues found in China 

Many people flock to waxwork museums to pose next to their favourite celebrities and world leaders. 

But visitors to several waxwork museums in China might have to spend some time working out who the figurines actually are. 

Hilarious images show figurines in China including Lady Gaga, US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sporting a Hitler mustache. 

Grand Slam Champion: Tennis superstar Roger Federer can be found in Sichuan province

Leader of the United States: President Barack Obama in Shenyang, China

Poker Face: This waxwork in Guangzhou has some resemblance to the singer Lady Gaga

Images of the waxworks have come to light again after images show a new waxwork at a museum in Shenyang, depicting the Japanese Prime Minister with a Hitler mustache. 

It is also in a bowing position. According to Shanghaiist, the sign next to the figure read: ‘Commemorating the September 18th incident’. This is in reference to Japan’s occupation of China during the Second World War. 

Photos of bowing Japanese PM Shinzo Abe with a Hitler mustache in Shenyang

Many people criticised the model of Putin found in Shenyang saying he was too ‘bald headed’ 

On social media site Coral.qq, people have shared their opinions on figures of the world leaders. 

One user commented: ‘Are these wax statues the homework of students? They don’t look professional.’ 

While another wrote: ‘Putin is so bald headed.’ 

And one user said: ‘Why is Obama so tanned?’  

This isn’t the first time waxworks have made news in China with images of celebrity and world leader waxworks shared online due to the fact that they are so unrecognizable. 

One museum in China’s Sichuan province has been highlighted for its hilFarious waxworks of Roger Federer and Jackie Chan. 

Some people might have trouble recognising this Kung Fu movie star Jackie Chan in Sichuan

People might have to look closer to notice it’s Leonardo DiCaprio in Guangzhou

Real or wax? A statue of Apple head Steve Jobs is also on display at the museum in Guangzhou

Many people have ridiculed the waxworks on display at the Huaying Mountain Wax Museum and Foreign Celebrity Wax Museum.

According to website Toutaiao, a representative from the museum told their reporter: ‘The clothing and styles are not chosen by us, in fact the museum is just a venue for wax-artists to exhibit their work and tourists can visit free of charge.’ 

Many people have criticised the museum in Sichuan on social media site Weibo

One user wrote: ‘I can’t tell who they are without reading the description.’ 

While another said: ‘Did they seek consent from the celebrities on making such ugly statues?’ 

And one user commented: ‘The wax statues only look like a real person when observed from a distance.’  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s? This is a model of Audrey Hepburn at the museum in Guangzhou

The boy who lived: Is this Harry Potter statue on display in Guangzhou convincing enough? 

Mr Bean: This waxwork of Mr Bean turned up at the museum in Guangzhou

Zhang Ziyi: This statue, found in Huaying Mountain Wax Museum, is of the actress from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Jay Chow: The popular pop singer from Taiwan can find his statue in Huaying Mountain Wax Museum

Stephen Chow: The wax figure of the Hong Kong comedy star in Huaying Mountain Wax Museum does not look amusing

Jet Li: Chinese Kung Fu star and his statue in Huaying Mountain Wax Museum

Gong Li: China’s top diva does not that glamorous in Huaying Mountain Wax Museum

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