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Changing sides? Billionaire Mark Cuban spotted at NYC bar with Trump guru Steve Bannon… weeks after joining Hillary on the campaign trail and saying he would rather ‘lose every penny than have Donald as president’

One of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics has been spotted chatting with the President-elect’s chief strategist at a New York City bar on Tuesday.

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban and Steve Bannon were photographed having a drink at the King Cole Bar inside the St. Regis Hotel, just a few blocks from Trump Tower.

Throughout their meeting, Cuban could be seen talking while Bannon took notes inside an orange notebook, according to Politico. The nature of their conversation is not known.

Cuban had been a Trump supporter early in the race before having a change of heart and backing Hillary Clinton, saying that The Donald had a ‘complete and utter lack of preparation, knowledge, and common sense.’ 

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Best of friends: Mark Cuban and Steve Bannon were spotted together in New York City on Tuesday (above)

Loyal supporter: Cuban had supported Trump early in the election before backing Hillary Clinton (above on Clinton’s campaign plane earlier this month)

Big statement: The billionaire businessman said just before the election: ‘I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president’ (above with Clinton on her campaign plane)

He is however a big fan of Bannon, and said in a Fox News interview after the third presidential debate: ‘I know who Steve Bannon is. I’ve done business with him. He’s a smart guy. He’s smarter than Donald.’ 

Cuban was on the campaign trail with Clinton just one week before the election, making an appearance with her in Pittsburgh in which he went after Trump and told the crowd that he would likely accept bribes if elected president

‘There’s gonna come a time where Donald Trump, God help, if he’s president where [Russian president Vladimir] Putin or [Syrian president Bashar] Assad would say to him, ‘Donald if you do this, I’ll give you $20 billion,’ said Cuban. 

‘What’s $30 billion? To them it’s nothing. If Donald Trump – who rips off people for thousands, gets offered by some dictator somewhere, some despot somewhere, $20 billion, you think he’s gonna do what’s best for the country or do you think he’s gonna take the money?’

‘Do you think he’s got the temperament to do the right thing?’ Cuban asked – prompting the crowd to yell out ‘No!’

‘Do you think he’s got the fortitude to do the right thing? Do you think he cares more about you or his bank account? Can you trust Donald Trump? Absolutely not.’ 

And just last week he publicly spoke about the fact that the NBA team he owns, the Dallas Mavericks, had been boycotting all Trump hotels while on the road.

Cuban said that decision had been made months before the presidential election. 

He also said at one point that he would rather go broke then see Trump become president.

‘When it’s all said and done, I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president, because I care more about the future of my family, my children than I do about my pocketbook,’ said Cuban in an interview on The Newy Scruggs Show.

‘And if it means we play to empty arenas, I’m down with that.’




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