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Connecticut police make dramatic boat rescue after getting help from FaceTime, video shows

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Police in Connecticut have released a dramatic video showing first responders rescuing two individuals stranded on a capsized boat after pinpointing their location through the FaceTime video calling app. 

The rescue unfolded Tuesday afternoon after the East Lyme Police Department says it received a 911 call “from individuals aboard a boat which was taking on water in an area thought to be off Millstone Point, in Niantic Bay.” 

“While on the phone with dispatchers, the vessel capsized, sending the two individuals into the water,” police said in a statement. “They were then able to climb atop the capsized vessel while awaiting emergency responders.” 

As the two men “had difficulty reporting their location, dispatchers decided to utilize FaceTime in an effort to visualize their surroundings,” the statement continued. 


Police in East Lyme, Connecticut, say they rescued two boaters this week after pinpointing their location with the help of the FaceTime video calling app. (East Lyme Police Department)

“This decision helped pinpoint their location and the East Lyme Marine Unit, manned by two East Lyme Police Officers and a Niantic Firefighter, arrived and pulled the individuals to safety,” it added.  

Police say the boat ultimately was found “approximately ¼ mile from the New York border in Long Island Sound off Black Point, in 70-100 foot water depth.” 

The stranded boaters are being seen pulled to safety in the Long Island Sound between Connecticut and New York. (East Lyme Police Department)

In bodycam footage of the rescue, an officer is heard saying “you guys good?” while giving a thumbs up to the two men who are standing on the capsized boat. 


One of the boaters appears relieved after being brought to safety.

“Can you take this as a souvenir?” one of the men then asks as he hands over a chair to the police. 

The two men then are helped into the rescue boat, with one of them appearing to lie down in relief. 

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