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From a dazzling sea theme to a Doctor Who Tardis loo: Inside America’s best public bathrooms 

Most public bathrooms are not pleasant places to be – but the shortlisted entries to America’s Best Restroom contest have a whiff of style about them.

There were ten loos from across the U.S. vying for the top spot, including colourful restaurant toilets in Chicago, a Doctor Who-themed Tardis loo in Brooklyn, New York, and urinals at a baseball stadium in Pennsylvania, which feature a hands-free, motion-sensor computer game.

The toilets at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were revealed as the winner, with their twinkling mosaic wall tiles, soft mood lighting and well-placed nooks to rest luggage.

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Game of thrones: The loos at the Minnesota commuter hub scored first place in the 15th annual America’s Best Restroom Contest – it beat nine other contenders to the top spot

Washroom wonders: The loos at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were praised for being spacious, well-lit and thoughtfully designed

Airport art: Many of the bathrooms now feature colourful artworks by local artists 

Toilet trip: The newly-opened Leña Brava restaurant in Chicago features restrooms with colorful agave wallpaper, which makes it feel like you are standing in a field in Mexico

Ocean drive: The calming blue color palette of this restroom at The Charmery in Maryland makes it feel like you’re under the sea

This Doctor Who-themed Tardis bathroom at The Way Station in Brooklyn, New York, features a colorful mural on all four walls – its well-known visitors include Doctor Who star Matt Smith

Chic appeal: Swift & Sons restaurant in Chicago takes its inspiration from turn-of-the-century boys’ clubs as well as a vintage trading floor, and that goes for the bathroom as well

There are more than 100 sets of toilets at the commuter hub, which recently underwent renovation.

Many of the stalls now feature colourful artworks by local artists.

And they’ve also been decked out with digital displays showing up-to-date flight information and details about when the facilities were last cleaned.

Alan Howell, the airport’s senior architect, commenting on the recent accolade, said: ‘The restroom is often the first place visited on arrival and the last stop for departing passengers, leaving a lingering impression of their destination.

‘We are thrilled to be honored with this award for our efforts to improve the aesthetics of our restrooms and make the customer experience memorable.’  

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s bathroom won 40 per cent of the nearly 5,000 votes cast.

The Charmery, a Baltimore ice cream shop with an undersea-themed bathroom, was the runner-up with around 16 per cent of the vote.

Other restrooms to make the top ten included those at The Novel Neighbor bookstore in St. Louis, Missouri, the Safe House restaurant in Allentown, Pennsylvania and the Urban Ecology Center’s Riverside Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

All three were praised for their kooky design, with unusual wallpapers, secret entrance ways and eco-friendly flushing systems.  

Toilet talk: The bathroom at the Safe House in Wisconsin (left) features a secret entrance, while The Novel Neighbor bookstore’s loo in Missouri is decorated with book pages (right)

Eco-friendly: The bathrooms at the Urban Ecology Center’s Riverside Park in Wisconsin are constructed out of recycled materials – all of the toilets are also flushed with rain water

Swift & Sons restaurant in Chicago and The Vine eatery in New York were lauded for their sophisticated and chic interiors.

The annual restroom contest is run by Cintas Corporation, a cleaning product company. 

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was showered with £2,001 ($2,500) worth of cleaning chemicals and wet mops for coming first.

Video courtesy of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Setting the scene: The focal point of the bathroom at The Vine restaurant in New York is the large communal sink with dark lighting

High-tech: The men’s restrooms at the Coca-Cola Park baseball stadium in Pennsylvania features a urinal gaming system

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