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‘It’s a miracle!’ Face of Jesus appears on a wall during Catholic ceremony in Argentina 

A photograph has emerged, showing what appears to be the face of Jesus Christ projected on a surface next to a Catholic priest in Argentina.

The picture, which was published in local media and has gone viral online, was taken during a Catholic ceremony in the town of Caucete.

Worshippers had gathered in the town, not far from the Chilean border, to perform the novena, a ritual which consists of conducting religious prayers in public for nine successive days.

The photograph was apparently taken by a man called Favio Garay, who shared it online

The photo was shared online by a local man named Favio Garay, who took part in the event.

The image shows a priest sitting at a table and apparently addressing people with a microphone.

To his left, there is a religious statue but to his right is an image which looks similar to the face of Jesus Christ as seen in numerous paintings and religious icons.

Several sceptics online said the image was caused by random shadows.

Holy doubletake: The ‘face of Jesus’ (pictured, left) is similarly to the numerous paintings and icons of the Messiah around the world

But many others believed it was a miracle, possibly brought about by the power of prayer.

Silvia Yacanto commented on social media: ‘This is incredible!’

Lili Peralta added: ‘This is it, friends, we need to share what’s good. It’s worth it!’

Maria Vega commented: ‘Beautiful photo. I’ll share it. It fills me with happiness.’


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