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LOO-natics! Shoppers scramble for TOILET PAPER in South African Black Friday sale as the annual day of deals brings chaos across the globe

Shoppers across the world have turned out in their droves on Black Friday, with chaotic scenes in stores on every continent.

A video from South Africa shows the scramble for multipacks of toilet paper.

It was taken at a supermarket in Roodepoort, to the west of Johannesburg, where satisfied-looking shoppers got their hands on a bargain.

The footage from Roodepoort, to the west of Johannesburg, shows people scrambling for multipacks of toilet roll

Dozens of people attempt to grab the packs from a cage wheeled out by a member of staff

The toilet rolls sparked a scramble as shoppers tried to get their hands on a bargain

A metal cage containing the loo rolls was wheeled out onto the shop floor, where dozens of people attempted to grab them, jostling each other to get close to the goods.

At one stage a staff member resorted to hurling them through the air as customers leapt to catch them.

 Across the world, Black Friday has brought shoppers out in their thousands hoping to pick up a bargain.

There were chaotic scenes in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as shoppers reached out for reduced-price television sets

Pictures taken in Sao Paulo, in Brazil, this morning, show customers competing to get their hands on cheap television sets. 

And roads were blocked in Greece as thousands bucked falling wages and joblessness to take join the country’s first ever Black Friday.

Huge queues formed outside department stores as shoppers took advantage of 80 per cent discounts.

Pictures from Hungary and Tokyo also show the huge worldwide response to the day of discounts. 

People wait outside of a department store in Thessaloniki in Greece, where the first Black Friday is happening

Shoppers grabbing bargains at a Toys’R’Us retail store in Tokyo, Japan, today

Dozens of customers flock to an electronics store during the Black Friday shopping event in Nyiregyhaza, 245 kms east of Budapest, Hungary


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