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Man, 25, shot in neck in lobby of luxury Long Island City apartment building

NYC man, 25, is shot in the NECK in lobby of luxury apartment building as Republicans slam Mayor Eric Adams for constant partying and tell him to focus on crime instead


A 25-year-old man was shot in the neck in the lobby of a luxury apartment building in Long Island City on Sunday night, the latest in a dizzying wave of violent crimes in New York City

The victim was taken to the hospital in a stable condition. It’s unclear if he lives in the building or if he was working there. The gunman opened fire shortly after midnight last night. He fled the building and remains on the run on Monday morning. 

Police do not yet know what his motive was, and they have not released any surveillance footage of the incident. 

An NYPD spokesman told on Monday morning that the gunman has a ‘dark complexion’ but they gave no additional details. 

The building where the shooting occurred is 1 QPS – one of many new luxury high-rises in the up-and-coming neighborhood. 

The city’s latest shooting comes after seven other people were shot and injured in a separate shootings in New York City overnight. 

On Monday morning, New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler said Adams – who is a regular on the glitzy NYC nightlife circuit – should ‘stop partying’ and focus on crime. 

‘Mayor Adams really needs to act. He’s really got to stop spending his time partying and start focusing on the job at hand, and crime is number one. 

‘Obviously Mayor Adams inherited a mess from Bill de Blasio, but unfortunately, he really hasn’t been able to turn the tide here.’ 

On Sunday, Adams made an appearance at the Puerto Rican Day parade in Manhattan. In recent months, he has been a regular at swanky private members club Zero Bond. He also attended the Met Gala in May, wearing an anti-gun violence jacket.  

Police outside 1 QPS in Long Island City, where a 25-year-old man was shot in the neck at midnight last night in the lobby of the luxury doorman building 

Police at the scene of the shooting. It’s unclear if the victim was a resident or a staff member

safe than it has been in decades. On Monday morning, New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler said Adams – who is a regular on the glitzy NYC nightlife circuit – should ‘stop partying’ and focus on crime

The building where Sunday’s shooting took place has a rooftop pool, state-of-the-art amenities and a one bedroom apartment was recently leased for $4,800. 

The building’s management company did not immediately respond to inquiries on Monday morning. 

The shooting is the latest in a string of violent crimes across New York City. 

The number of people who have been shot in New York City this year is 52 percent higher than by this time in 2020, according to the latest NYPD figures. 

Car theft is up by 87.4 percent since 2020, rape is up 22.1 percent and robbery has increased by 32.9 percent. 

Transit crime has increased by 53.6 percent since this time last year – a figure which crystalizes how unsafe the subway has become. 

In the last several months, there have been random stabbings and shootings on the subway in which the suspects managed to escape. 

In one case, the gunman ended up turning himself in after negotiating with cops and the Mayor himself. 

Andrew Abdullah went on the run after shooting dead Daniel Enriquez on a Manhattan-bound Q train in May. 

 He eventually handed himself in after spending days on the run, and was assisted by a pastor in negotiating his surrender.  

The swanky building has state-of-the-art amenities, including a 24 hour doorman. A one bedroom apartment recently rented for $4,800 

The rooftop pool and cabanas at 1 QPS, one of the most expensive new high-rises in Queens which is one subway stop from Manhattan 

Crime in New York City is spiraling out of control with overall violent crimes up by 38 percent

New York City Mayor Eric Adams yesterday at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. He has been slammed for spending more time partying than cracking down on crime

Mayor Eric Adams, a former NYPD cop, ran on a platform of cracking down on crime but he is yet to win the confidence of New Yorkers, many of whom feel the city is less safe than it has been in decades. 

It comes as new data reveals 1,500 police officers either retired or transferred out of the NYPD this year – the highest number on record. 

The information was obtained by The New York Post.  

On Monday, Lawler said on FOX: ‘I think more and more law enforcement officers, as soon as they can retire, are taking the opportunity to do so or if they could transfer to a department in the suburbs are doing so.’ 

‘Unfortunately, so far, this mayor has spent more time partying than he has really cracking down on the issue at hand. 

‘And when you’re talking about record levels of inflation, the highest in over 40 years, when you’re talking about supply chain issues like baby formula shortages, when you’re talking about crime, it really requires a serious level of attention.

‘I had high hopes for him, but so far he’s been a big disappointment,’ he said.  


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