Pavlich: The administration is finishing the last leg of the smuggling process

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Katie Pavlich and ‘The Five’ discussed how the DHS is finally admitting that the end of Title 42 will lead to a surge in migrants and how the Biden administration has ‘emboldened’ the cartels.

KATIE PAVLICH: If they’re going to say that Title 42 is a public health measure, then the president has other tools within the Department of Homeland Security and the executive branch to stop this problem. They’re throwing their hands up and acting like, well, a judge says that we have to take Title 42 off and therefore we have no other options. That’s not true. But this administration has taken the stance that they have turned ICE into a transportation agency. They turn Border Patrol into a processing agency, and they have absolutely emboldened cartels. They’re making $100 million a week, a week just on human smuggling alone. We just had overdoses, more than 100,000 Americans last year. That’s a direct result of this problem. And it’s not that these people are just going to border towns as if that’s somehow acceptable. They’re going to be flown on the taxpayer dime by the federal government to cities and towns all across the country. And they’re essentially the administration is, you know, finishing the last leg of the trafficking or smuggling process. And I’ve been saying that for years. It’s clear they don’t want to change it. They’re not going to change it. And Americans will suffer as a result.