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Revealed: How to clean your favourite beauty gadgets WITHOUT damaging them (including the best way to rid your hairdryer of hidden dirt and fluff)

Just like a bathroom towel or kitchen cloth, people use their hairdryers and make-up brushes every day.

But unlike other household essentials, very few pay attention to how often they clean their favourite beauty gadgets.

Now experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute have revealed that each of these bathroom essentials should be cleaned – and shared their tips on how best to do it. 

Each of the methods can be achieved without any expensive product and do not damage the gadget in any way.  

From make-up brushes to curling wands, scroll down to learn exactly how to keep these go-to items in perfect condition…

Gathering dust: The vents on the back of hairdryers can be a hotspot for dust and fluff


Like any air vent, the vent on the back of your hairdryer can soon be covered in a layer of fluff and dirt and will need cleaning.

To clean, take the vent off the hairdryer and use an old toothbrush to gently wipe away any build up. Take extra care not to damage the mesh as this can be delicate. 

Make-up brushes

More women know to clean their brushes to keep them from getting dirty but here is how you can do it without splashing out on specialty product. 

No products needed: Experts shared the simple way to clean even the dirtiest make-up brush

Wet the bristles with warm water, either from a tap or a shallow bowl of water. 

Curling wand 

Much like straighteners, curling wands can be cleaned using a slightly damp cloth with warm water. 

Be careful to only do this once the wand has been switched off and is completely cool.

Avoid getting the handle and ferrule wet as this can weaken the seal that keeps the bristles in place.

Rub a small amount of anti-bacterial hand soap or shampoo on to the bristles. If the brush is made from natural fibres it might also be worth using a conditioner to soften it. 

Rinse well with warm water until all the make-up comes out. 

You might need to repeat the process for stubborn products like foundation.   

Beware of wipes: 

Hair straightener 

An essential part of many beauty regimes, but hair straighteners are rarely cleaned. 

Not only can the plates gather dust and dirt but residue from hair products such as serums and hairspray can quickly build up too. 

Once the straighteners are switched off and have cooled down, dampen a clean cloth with warm water and use it to rub down the plates. 

While baby wipes might seem like a tempting alternative, avoid using them as they might contain residue that isn’t suitable for straightening irons.   

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