Snow forecast for UK as cold weather returns

Snow is forecast for much of the UK this week as the recent mild winter weather gives way to another cold snap.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England will be the worst hit by snow showers, which will follow a band of wet and windy weather on Sunday night and into Monday.

Alex Burkill, a meteorologist for the Met Office, said: “From Monday onwards we’re going to see quite a change. We’re going to be getting our air from the north-west and that’s going to bring colder air, some strong winds and also frequent showers, which are likely to turn to snow.”

The heaviest and most frequent showers are expected in the north and west of the UK, which could see 2-5cm of snow. Higher ground could get up to 10cm.

Burkill said: “Through Tuesday and into Wednesday there is a chance of snow pretty much anywhere. In the south of England and Wales we’re unlikely to see anything settling at lower levels but we could get 1-2cm over higher ground.”

Temperatures will be a little below average for the time of year. “When you factor in wind chill, it will feel close to freezing,” Burkill said. “It’s been quite a quiet period of weather and that’s all set to change again.”