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Startled horse is lifted out of a hole with a harness attached to a digger after falling through the roof of a fisherman’s shack 

A startled horse had to be rescued with a harness attached to a digger from a fisherman’s shack after he managed to fall through its roof.

Police and vets responded to the bizarre call out in the Edremit district of north-western Turkey’s Balikesir Province to stage the rescue operation.  

The horse was loose on the streets when it was frightened by playing children.

The video footage shows what is likely to be the shack’s owners looking at the trapped animal bemusedly before police turn up

The horse can be seen inside the shack after it dropped through the roof and found itself stuck

The rescuers put a cloth sack over the horse to calm him as they tried to get him out of the hole

It had strayed close to the Abidin Pakmaya Anatolian High school and children there startled the animal in their attempts to shoo it away.

The horse ran on to some land that was level with the roof of a fishermen’s shack before running onto the asbestos roof itself.

The roof gave way under the weight of the horse and the shocked and frightened animal found itself inside the shack looking up at the sky through the hole it had just made.

The horse is said to have become startled when it was shooed away from a nearby high school by pupils 

Vets and police used a harness attached to a digger to pull the startled animal free of the roof

The animal was reunited with his owner, thankfully without any injury. No one was in the house when the roof broke

Passers-by called the emergency services and police officers and vets arrived at the scene to try to rescue the horse.

First they widened the hole in the roof and then made a harness with rope which they put around the horse before attaching the other end to a mechanical digger.

After one failed attempt, the digger succeeded in gently lifting the horse out of the shack and lowering it onto the street outside.

The horse, which was not injured in the incident, was then handed back to its owner.

Police said it was fortunate that nobody had been in the shack at the time and that the horse had fallen through the roof without hurting itself either. 

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