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Talk about a money pit: Cards Against Humanity digs pointless giant ‘Holiday hole’ for Black Friday – and thousands donate more than $100,000 to see it get bigger and bigger 

A company is celebrating Black Friday by digging a hole to nowhere and for no reason, and thousands of people are willingly paying for it – making this the ultimate money pit.

The hole is being dug by a large John Deere yellow crane ‘somewhere in America’ and then live-streamed on YouTube.

Party card company Cards Against Humanity says it will keep digging as long as the money keeps pouring in – and so far it’s raised almost $100,000 – enough to keep digging until Monday.

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Card game company Cards Against Humanity is running a fundraiser to dig a hole in the middle of nowhere – for no reason

The ‘holiday hole’ is a stunt dreamed up by party card company Cards Against Humanity, which has done wacky holiday stunts before. Last year, people were asked to donate $5 and get nothing in return, according to Business Insider

It raised $71,145 and split it among its employees. The year before, it sold $180,00 worth of bull poop.

The top donor to the money pit donated $1,003. Most people, however, are donating less than $5.

The hole digging is done 24/7 by a John Deere crane and live streamed to YouTube

The hole has been dug since Black Friday and has been funded by thousands of people

The company asked on its FAQ page why it wasn’t giving the money to charity and the answer was why the donors aren’t giving their money to charity

On its FAQ page, the company doesn’t say where the money will go – but apparently it won’t be to charity.

‘Why aren’t you giving all this money to charity?’ the company asks on its page.

‘Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money,’ it answers.

The hole seems to be going in a large circle rather than straight down 

This year’s donors at least get to watch a hole being dug – last year, people were asked to give money for nothing 

While the company says there is no purpose to the hole, it does appear to contradict itself slightly in the FAQ page when it says the ultimate purpose is for a laugh.

‘You’re supposed to think it’s funny. You might not get it for a while, but some time next year you’ll chuckle quietly to yourself and remember all this business about the hole,’ it says. 

While Cards Against Humanity has kept the hole location secret, various people on social media who say they have visited it have been from Illinois.  

The company assures that the land was empty and that the large hole isn’t hurting anything. 



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