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‘This is my friend killed by a bomb. Someone save me now please’: Seven-year-old in Aleppo reveals her terror after her pal is killed by air strike 

A seven-year-old girl from Syria has posted a heart breaking image on Twitter of the bloodied body of a young friend who was killed in an air raid.

Bana Alabed, who tweets with help from her mother Fatemah, posted the haunting photo of her friend with a tear jerking caption.

‘Oh dear world, I am crying tonight, this is my friend killed by a bomb tonight. I can’t stop crying. – Bana,’ she wrote from her home in the rebel held East Aleppo. 

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‘We are still alive’: Bana Alabed posted a photo of herself hiding from bomb blasts in her home city of Aleppo 

The graphic image shows a young girl with her skin covered in dust and clotted blood by her ear and neck.

Since join Twitter last September Bana has amassed close to 100,000 followers and frequently posts videos and photos of her grim life in Aleppo which is in the middle of a brutal tussle between government forces, ISIS and rebels.

Cruel ending: The horrifying image of Bana Alabed’s friend who died during a bomb raid in the city dubbed the most dangerous in the world 

There have been a number of airstrikes conducted by Russian forces in November on ISIS militants and rebels in support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his government.

On Thursday Bana uploaded a distressing video of herself hiding in the corner of a room while blasts can be heard going off outside.

She said: ‘Someone save me now please.’

Earlier this week Bana received a number of Harry Potter novels directly from author J.K. Rowling after her mother made a request to the writer over Twitter. 

The girl, who speaks basic English, tweeted a sweet thank you video for Rowling. 

‘Hello my friend, I started reading your books now, my heart is for you. Thank you,’ she said.

Rowling replied back with a tweet saying: ‘This made me so happy! Lots of love to you and your brothers!’ 

Innocence lost: A haunting Twitter account purports to show the horror of the bombing raids on Aleppo through the eyes of seven-year-old Bana Alabed (above)

Relentless: Bana, her mother and her brothers (pictured several years ago) are trying to survive the fiercest aerial onslaught since the Syrian civil war began

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Bana’s mother Fatemah insisted the account was not ‘propaganda’ as she revealed details of the devastation around them: ‘We live in hell. The sound of bombs wake us from our sleep. They have become our alarm clock.

‘When the airstrikes come, my children cry and say the pilot wants to kill us.’

Other pictures on the account claim to show their next-door-neighbours’ crumbling homes and smoke billowing from the latest explosion down the road.

‘Four bombs hit us now just few steps away. Good afternoon from Aleppo,’ reads one of her latest posts.

‘Last year my school was bombed my friends killed injured. I was lucky to survive. I’m afraid of the bombing,’ the Twitter goes on from Bana’s point of view.

Former law student Fatemah lives with Bana, her husband Ghassan, 34, a former lawyer, and their two sons Mohamad, five, and Noor, three.

She says they share the flat with her sister and husband’s family and cannot flee the city because they fear being caught up in an airstrike or picked off by snipers.      

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