A time for dinky birds and winter-kings

Omnipotent, West Yorkshire all birds – none of them weighed more than an ounce, the smallest of which is only a piece of 10 pence – has a crisp, spruce.

At this time of the year, it sometimes seems that the bare trees are decorated with toy birds. Broad-spreading alder to cross the river a little purple-pink (fuchsia-coloured flowering continued into winter) and branches are busy rattling the finches: green goldfinch, bright colorful goldfin, cactus sparrow in pink And soft gray.
A time for dinky birds and winter-kings
I stopped at the bank of the transcendent long-tailed tits, perhaps more than a dozen, shuttling in the willow. For a while I surrounded them, their clouds; at the familiar noise produced by Nicholas Tse tsirrups, I could hear their soft tut, tut electrical contact. The small selection of all is that two small daisy-orioles work in the lower volcanic ash division through a clever plan to “reverse” the subject variations.

All of these birds – no one weighing more than an ounce, the smallest, wearing a Jujuying, almost no detonation scale to a 10 p-crisp, spruce look; their colors may be fine pencil new applications, their songs lively chink , And even their movements from the branches of the branches have regular clockwork quality. They may arrive at a toy manufacturer’s workshop.

Ryan (Dai Juying twice the volume, but still little more than a pound of coins) lost the violent shade of the hedgerow song on my right. Then on the path and drop off, landed on the bow elder-stem neatly, there was a teacher, head-cocking looking at me.

Rennes is known in the Netherlands as winterkoning – the king of old age. You can hear the deafening song all year round; the wren will suffer in the harsh winter – all the birds are – but the song goes on, challenging and paying attention.
Christmas cards
We used to hunt wren at the Boxing Day (or at Christmas, in a specific place: an antique wrote that the body of the wren in the Isle of Man so nailed holly-boughs and lined up in the city). More reason to celebrate the toughness of birds. If I had my old king will replace Robin on all our Christmas cards.