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Tragedy as acrobat daughter of famed magician Jonathan Pendragon falls off a roof and dies after performing at LA’s Magic Castle

The stepdaughter of one of the country’s most famous magicians was killed late Wednesday night after falling off a roof.

Jacosa Nao Kato had just performed at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles when she decided to go stargazing with her boyfriend at a nearby apartment building and fell five stories reports TMZ.  

The 34-year-old is the daughter of West McDonough, who is married to magician Jonathan Pendragon. 

Her specialty was acrobatics and aerials, and she had been performing with Pendragon on Wednesday just before she slipped and fell to her death.

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Jacosa Nao Kato (above)  died Wednesday night after falling off the roof of an apartment building while stargazing

She is the stepdaughter of magician Jonathan Pendragon (above)

Kato’s mother West McDonough is one of the owners of the Magic Castle in Los Angeles (above)

McDonough’s family owns the famed Magic Castle, which has become a celebrity hotpsot over the past decade. 

Kato and Pendragon appear to have been very close, with the young woman working as her stepfather’s assistant at times. 

Pendragon posted a photo of Kate last October on his Instagram, writing: ‘My gorgeous daughter Jacosa, backstage in Colorado, where she was assisting me.’

Friends of Kato flocked to her page on Thursday and Friday to leave messages telling her how much they loved her. 

Performer Baptiste Molard posted a message on Facebook writing: ‘I had the pleasure to share the stage and work with this talented woman with My Master of Illusion Family around this world. Rest in Peace.’ 

Pendragon meanwhile wrote on Facebook Thursday: ‘Be Thankful for family most. The only relief from the pain of life is the love of those closest to you.’ 

An autopsy is still pending. 

Kato had been performing with her stepfather just before she died in Wednesday 

She had worked as Pendragon’s assistant before in the past, and her specialty was acrobatics and aerials

Kato was also an instructor at the Circus Arts Institute in California.

Her bio on the company website states that she had been practicing circus arts since she was just four.

It also revealed that she was an Aerial Director at Circus Camp and the Imperial Opa Circus, and Program Director at Opa for kids. 

On Thursday, Kato’s mother made her Facebook cover photo an image of her late daughter, prompting many to send their regards.

‘West and Jonathan, words cannot express what I felt when I found out the tragic news. I am still reeling from it. She was a special soul; as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside,’ wrote one person. 

‘My heart is completely broken Jonathan and West, if there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family,’ wrote another.

Pendragon and McDonough married after his 2012 divorce.


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