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Viacom boss Sumner Redstone, 92, sues ex Manuela Herzer, 53, in attempt to block her inheriting $3.75million Manhattan co-op he bought her

Media mogul Sumner Redstone is suing his ex-girlfriend in a bid to stop her inheriting a $3.75million Manhattan apartment they once shared.

The 93-year-old Viacom boss is demanding Manuela Herzer, 53, gives up her claim to the luxury pad in the Carlyle Hotel on East 76th Street.

Redstone said in Tuesday’s lawsuit that while he initially intended to leave the penthouse to Herzer when he died he no longer wants her to have it, Bloomberg reports.

He bought the co-op apartment in December 2014 and Herzer was listed as a joint tenant. Since then, there has been an acrimonious split and numerous legal battles.

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Sumner Redstone (left) is suing his ex girlfriend Manuela Herzer (right), 53, in a bid to get her to give up her rights to a $4 million Manhattan apartment 

Herzer’s lawyer, Ronald Richards, confirmed that Herzer has joint tenancy over the property.

‘The apartment is Ms Herzer’s,’ he told MailOnline. ‘She is the owner. It is like asking your spouse to give up the house you two bought together many years ago. Title was taken as joint tenants. This means that they are both owners until one party dies.

‘This decision was made many years ago when Sumner Redstone was competent and was in charge of his own decisions.’

Herzer and Redstone are pictured together here in happier times 

Richards believes it’s likely the lawsuit has been orchestrated by Redstone’s daughter, Shari.

‘You can’t buy a friend/companion/confidant or any one else a flat then years later take it back. It just doesn’t work that way and this action is just another poorly orchestrated one by his daughter Shari Redstone.

‘Sumner Redstone continues to be victimized by his daughter and attorneys she employs. I am very confident we won’t be seeing him participate in any aspect of this case. It is the modern day Wizard of Oz,’ Richards said.

MailOnline has contacted a rep for Shari Redstone for comment.

Last November, Herzer filed a lawsuit against Redstone, one month after she was suddenly banned from his Beverly Park mansion and removed as his primary caretaker.

She had lived with him since April 2013.

In July, a Los Angeles judge threw out her appeal to be reinstated as the billionaire’s caretaker.

In a 21-page ruling, Superior Court Judge David Cowan dismissed Herzer’s petition, saying there was no new evidence to warrant a new trial and that he did not wish for the case to turn into a spectacle.

The apartment is located at the Carlyle Hotel on East 76th street in Manhattan (file photo)

‘The court… must consider what is in Redstone’s interests as a patient, including protecting his dignity and privacy,’ Cowan wrote.

The high-stakes lawsuit Herzer filed after Redstone cut ties with her was thrown out in May after the judge heard videotaped testimony from Redstone in which he used expletives in referring to her and said he wanted his one-time lover and longtime companion out of his life.

Redstone was executive chairman of both Viacom and CBS before stepping down in February.

The case, which has unfolded like a soap opera, has captivated Hollywood and Wall Street, with court papers laying out salacious details about Redstone’s private life and his troubled relationship with his daughter.

This October Redstone decided to sue Herzer and fellow live-in companion Sydney Holland (pictured together in 2013), claiming he was a victim of elder abuse

The courtroom drama continued this October, when Redstone decided to sue Herzer and fellow live-in companion Sydney Holland, claiming he was a victim of elder abuse.

The lawsuit, filed by Redstone’s attorney Robert Klieger at the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, stated: ‘[Herzer and Holland] manipulated and emotionally abused Redstone to get what they wanted – jewelry, designer clothing, real estate in Beverly Hills, New York, and Paris, and money, lots of it.

‘By the time Redstone threw Herzer and Holland out of his home, and out of his life, last fall, they had taken him for more than $150million and left him in debt on account of the immense tax obligations triggered by those “gifts”.’

The lawsuit also claimed that on May 19, 2014, the women convinced Redstone to sell his vested stocks and then had him deposit $45million into each of their bank accounts.

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